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All brass listed below is subject to regulations of the military munitions list.
Consequently, this brass cannot be exported without obtaining an export
license from the U.S. Department of State.

"C" = 100 - "M" = 1000


Caliber Description
5.56mm NATO Just in: Recent shipment, once-fired, 95+% LC, a few SAWS (M249) (223) brass, mixed dates, mostly LC10 and LC11. Nice brass, Add $25/M to polish and process primer pocket. Ttl Qty: 100 500 1M 5M $ Cost: $10 $40 $75/M $350/5M 7.62mm NATO Military, machine-gun, Once-Fired. Lastest purchase. Mixed (.308) headstamps, all boxer primed. All serviceable. Add $25/M to polish and process primer pocket. This processing does not size nor trim. Ttl Qty: 100 500 1M 5M 10M $ Cost: $20 $85 $150/M $700/5M ($140/M) $1250/10M 300 AAC Just in. Made from once-fired 5.56mm Lake City brass, mostly LC 11 Blackout and LC12 headstamp. FL sized, trimmed, primer pocket crimp removed. Cleaned and polished. Ready to load. $18/100; $80/500; $150/1000 300 Win Mag Once-fired, military contract loaded by Federal Cartridge, FC12 headstamp. Primers are not crimped in. Cleaned and polished. Should be same lot number. Nice clean brass. $60/100; $$275/500; $500/1000 9x19mm Once-fired, all commercial, nickel plated. Brass has been run through Luger an inspection process and deprimed. Has been cleaned and polished. $8/100; $35/500; $65/1000; $300/5M .357 Sig Once-fired commercial. Cleaned and polished, nickel plated. $10/100; $45/500; $85/1000; $400/5000 .40 S&W Once-fired commercial. Cleaned and polished. Brass cased. $10/100; $45/500; $85/1000; $400/5000 .45 ACP Once-fired commercial. All nickel plated. Cleaned and polished. Great looking brass. $15/100; $70/500; $125/1000 .50 BMG Lake City, once-fired. Just in. LC09 & LC10 headstamps, very nice condition. $90/100; $435/500; $800/1000

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