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Links - for machine gun ammuntion

Gibrass... Link M1 (.30-06 used in 1919A4 & A6 Machine Guns) - $15/5C; $20/M; $60/box of 4M.

Ammunition - ID required for all ammunition purchases. Can be mailed, faxed, or Emailed.

Just received some genuine Lake City ammo; this is the real McCoy

.30-06 Ball M2

.30-06 Lake City Ball M2 ammo.
All packed in 8rd en bloc Garand clips, in original .30 Cal. ammo cans. Viet Nam
production. Non-corrosive and boxer primed. Original Lake City production, and packed
by Lake City.

280 rds per can - bulk packed (35 clips per can). LC72 headstamp
$275 per can

Bushmaster Mdl 91048 5.56/223 Semi-Auto - 16" bbl - Six position collapsible stock
Brand New in Box w/30 rd magazine - Recent production